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2015 Consolidated Election Results

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Pam Warford - County Clerk

Below is a Q and A list covering some of the most common questions we are receiving in our office about the Consolidated Election coming up on April 4, 2017.  Hopefully, you will find this list helpful.  Click Here to view the Publication Ballot for this election, which includes candidates from all districts.  Your actual ballot will look different, depending on where you live.  

Please call or email our office if you have questions.  We will do our best to provide answers and continue to post frequently-asked questions here on our website.  We look forward to serving you!

Pam Warford - Jersey County Clerk


Note:  Regarding school board questions, we will cover Jersey Community Unit 100.  For questions regarding any other school district that lies partially in Jersey County, please consult the primary county for specific ballot/candidate information.

Q:  Will I see all School Board Candidates on my ballot, or only the ones who live in my Township?

A:  All residents of a school district will see all candidates for that district on their ballot.  For example, if you live in Jersey Community 100, you will have the opportunity to vote for any candidate running for the Jersey 100 School board, regardless of their residence address.

Q:  How many school board members may be elected from each township?

A:  A maximum of 3 people may serve on the school board from each congressional township.  In Jersey Unit 100, based on existing membership on the board, only 2 may be elected from T8N, R11W (which is Jersey).  Up to three people may be elected to serve from any other township in the district.  

Q: On the School Board, how are 2-year terms filled vs 4-year terms?

A:  In Jersey Unit 100, there are four candidates running to fill two 2-year terms, and eight candidates running to fill four 4-year terms.  They will be listed separately on the ballot.  The winners of the 2-years terms will be determined first and independently of those running for 4-year terms.  The winners of the 4-year terms will then be determined, taking into consideration the areas of residence of those elected to fill the 2-year terms.  

Q: How many school board candidates may I vote for?

A:  In Jersey Unit 100, you may vote for a total of 2 for the 2-year terms, and a total of 4 for the 4-year terms.  You may vote for any candidate or candidates you wish.  If you vote for less than the total allowed, your vote will still count.  If you vote for more than allowed, the tabulator will prompt you that you have over-voted and give an opportunity to spoil that ballot and receive a new one.  Once all votes are tallied, we will determine winners based on number of votes and limits on area of residence.  

Q:  Will the top six "vote-getters" be the ones elected to the school board?

A:  Not necessarily.  It depends on their area of residence, and whether they are running to fill a two-year or four-year term.  

Q:  When will we know the results of the school board race?

A:  The number of votes tallied for each candidate will be available as "unofficial totals" on election night, as the precincts are reporting.  However, the earliest date that results can be made official will be April 19th.  At that time, we will be able to officially announce who will be seated on the board.  

Q:  When do newly-elected board members begin their term?

A:  According to statute, within 28 days after the election.  

Q:  Which Cities have candidates running this time?

A: All villages, including Elsah, Fidelity, Fieldon, and Brighton, will have officials on the ballot.  Certain City of Grafton officials will be on the ballot. The City of Jerseyville and the Town of Otterville will not have candidates running this time.   Due to their form of government, those municipal officials all run every four years.  Since they were on the ballot in 2015, all of their officials will run again in 2019.  

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