Public Acts 101-641 and 101-642 were signed into law on June 16th, bringing some changes for the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.  Sometime before August 1st, our office will be mailing an Application for Vote by Mail Ballot  to every active registered voter in Jersey County.  This does not mean you are required to vote by mail!  We will still be offering Early Voting in our office beginning on September 24th, and you will still be able to vote at your local polling place on Election Day if you so choose.  Depending on the severity of COVID-19 in the fall, voters who do not traditionally vote by mail may be prompted to do so.  We are preparing for a larger-than-normal volume of vote-by-mail requests, and we pledge to continue to make security and accuracy of our elections our top priority.  We encourage you to contact our office if you have questions or concerns.

Pam Warford

Jersey County Clerk